Wednesday, April 15, 2009

the Poetic Side of Me...ha!


so I make poems...and a lot of them...
here's one of my recent ones.
it's for no one special,just people I care about.
hope you like!

A Poem for You

I was submerged,
Under the darkness,
Under the silence,
Feeling scared.

I didn’t know what to do,
So I just waited,
Waited for someone to come,
Someone to pull me out of the darkness and silence.

No one cared,
I wasn’t surprised.
But then I saw something,
Something that was unfamiliar.

It was a light,
It was so bright I wasn’t used to it.
But when I looked closer,
It was you.

You pulled me out of the darkness,
Out of the silence,
You are the light that makes me strong,
You make me believe that there is hope.

For that I thank you.

thaks for reading!
Peace Out!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Josh Golden is Awesome!!!


so I just found out about this new musician,
his name is Josh Golden and he is A-W-E-S-O-M-E. haha!
he has this amazing voice,and he is only 14.
but he looks like he's 17 or so.

you guys should check him out.

and check out this video of him on YouTube.

so that's about it...just wanna tell you guys to check him out.

Peace Out!

First Blog! haha!


so this is it...the first chapter of my blog...(mellow-dramatic much!)


didn't have much to do for the day,

so let me just make this as short as i can.

woke up.ate breakfast.watched tv for a my butt off of the bed. dressed.realized i forgot to into the car.went to school.

arrived at school.went to my class.put my bag on my desk.waited for the bell to ring.

the bell rang.went to the mosque to pray.principal gave a (long) speech.speech was done.

went to class again.studied.bell rang.studied again.bell rang.lunch break.bought food.sat down.ate.

laughed with friends.friend brought her guitar.played her guitar.sang.bell rang.borrowed guitar.

played guitar again.sang with friends.teacher comes in.studied AGAIN.bell rang.went to mosque.

prayed.went to class.chatted with friends.went outside of the class.played guitar again.friend "stole" the guitar.friend went to class 83.followed with two friends.sat down.friend gave me the guitar.played the guitar AGAIN.sang.bell rang.went to class.studied.bell's out.had extra study sessions with friend.prayed.played guitar AGAIN.went home.said hi to dad.took care of pets.went to my room.changed.ate.played guitar.learned new song.sat in front of the computer.watched YouTube.sang along.chated with friends.continued a song i wrote.made this blog.

wow...that is SHORT...haha!

that's about it.

see ya lates.